Best 4×4 Tyres for a Ford Ranger in Australia

The only thing Aussies love driving more than the Toyota Hilux is… you guessed it, the Ford Ranger. Since its introduction in the 1980’s, the Ford Ranger tyres has become one of the most advanced 4 by 4 wheels. With its popularity came the huge demand for modifications that can take it both on and off-road – hence the demand for tyres. If you’re like most folks looking for the best 4×4 tyres for a ford ranger in Australia, your search is over.


Best Ford Ranger Tyres


#1. Grid wheels: these bad boys are the latest Ford Ranger wheels and they were designed for showing off. It’s not surprising then that they featured in the Unlimited off-road Expo and MINT 400. Your options for grid wheels include the GD models, which range from GD02 all the way to GD07, with slight adjustments made for colors, sizes, and specialty features.


#2. Fuel Wheels: are your run of the mill, familiar ford ranger wheels that have been tried and tested. They come complete with aggressive designs, slick finishes and the kind of off-road toughness that belongs on TV. They have a proven record, so if you don’t want to take any risk with unknown tyre models, these are a safe bet. Check out the fuel trophy, revolver or Maverick wheels.


#3. Falken Wildpeak AT3W: Nothing soothes the soul of a ford ranger driver than all terrain wheels. This one in particular. It was engineered to drive through both rugged adventurous terrains and smooth tarred roads. The AT3W packs some serious tech, including a 3D sipe tech, tread blocks, sidewall, and a heat diffuser. It maintains its physical appearance and performs consistently the same all through the tyre’s lifespan.


#4. Goodyear Wrangler MT/R Kevlar: is more of an off-road ford ranger tyre. It features an asymmetric tread that’s super aggressive to provide extra grip. You can’t complain about the Kevlar that’s added to increase tyre durability.

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