Bivouac Canteen

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198 William Street Northbridge
Bivouac Canteen & Bar is the spot for rest and recuperation on the William Street trail offering a bevy of beverages, lunch and dinner Tuesday to Saturday 12 noon til late.

What's a bivouac?

Biv-ou-ac ( biv'owãk)
A temporary camp used esp. by soldiers or adventurers as a place of refuge. A place to be fed and watered.
Our Greater Mediterranean inspired kitchen will conjure up hearty food and peasant fare ideal for sharing. Dishes are constructed to reflect their regional origins from traditional recipes, often with quirky interpretations. Wine and drinks are selected according to what the regions do best.

Bivouac features a revolving showcase of emerging local artists on the walls and in the space.

Pull up at Bivouac Canteen & Bar.


Q&A with Zaki Anwar, Head Chef at Bivouac

04 Aug 2014

Q&A with Zaki Anwar, Head Chef at Bivouac

Winter is definitely here and so is our winter menu. This week we turn the attention to our razor sharp kitchen team led by Zaki Anwar. He's the man behind the menu that you love so much and you guys have been asking us to tell you more about him so here he is...