BOO Espresso

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49 Stuart Street Northbridge
BOO Espresso is a 6oz cafe operating from a window in Northbridge.
Boo Espresso - one of Perths tiniest cafes is taking Perth by storm with its unique offering from the window in a Northbridge warehouse.

Thought to be one of Perths smallest cafe it is just 2m x 4m BOO Espresso is serving up specially blended coffees, Nutella Hot Chocolates, Cold Brew Coffee and European treats.

BOO offers its clientele a hole in the wall experience like never before, bringing to the table both an AM and PM blend, never before seen in Perths cafe scene.

Both blends have been customised especially for Boo with the AM blend heralding from South America carrying chocolate, caramel and malt tones with that extra punch to get customers up in the morning and the PM blend from Africa steering more towards the bright, floral and acidic tones perfect for the afternoon coffee catch up.

BOO also serves up a serious selection of gourmet toasted sandwiches, think French Brie and dark chocolate and a rotating offer of fresh cold pressed juices every day.