Chicho Gelato

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180 William st Northbridge 6003
New Wave Gelato
At Chicho we take our gelato making seriously. It starts with sourcing fresh milk and cream (from the Southern Forest region of WA), whole foods and seasonal fruit. We visit local farms to select our fruit and spend our summers foraging in backyards for the infamous prickly pear cactus fruit. We’re fanatical about using quality ingredients and being transparent about all the produce that goes into our gelato and sorbet. We want you to know what’s in there and we want you to be able to really taste it.
We make our gelato every morning in small batches, maximising freshness and minimising waste. Once it’s done, it goes into the pozzetti – dark wells with opaque lids. This is the traditional Italian method of storage and, without the use of synthetic preservatives, helps prevent oxidisation and everything terrible that comes with it like ice crystals and diminished flavour. The pozzetti are also our way of encouraging you, the gelato-lover, to choose your flavour based on description and curiosity rather than us just trying to dazzle you with lots of bright colours in a row. Lastly, the pozzetti mean your gelataio has a pretty good memory!
Our gelato makers and pastry chefs make every component that goes into our product – brownies, cookies, brioche buns, honeycomb, caramel, meringue, amaretti… you name it! This means we have total control over what goes into every one of our creations, control that we exercise to make clean, real tasting gelato. If you want to know something about a particular flavour, ask away.