Connections Nightclub

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81 James Street, Northbridge, WA, 6003
Western Australia's premiere Gay and Lesbian Nightspot.
Connections Nightclub is an absolute disco delight. While it caters largely to the gay and lesbian market, it also has a far wider, far ranging appeal. Why? Because at its heart, Connections is playful, carefree, wild and a little bit crazy. It is a place known for its dirty electro disco house, its larger than life personality embodied in the forms of many resident drag queens and club kids, and its devil may care attitude.

It consists of two spaces, a main dance area inside and a rooftop terrace. Inside has full-length mirrors, gorgeous travestine marble and still one of the most amazing lighting rigs you will witness ANYWHERE in Perth. Out on the terrace, the vibe is akin to an open air New York rooftop party, especially when you witness the breath-taking, million dollar view of Perth.