Taylorweir School of Hairdressing

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Level 1, Arcade 189
189 William Street, Northbridge. 6003
The Taylorweir International School of Hairdressing delivers Certificate II, Certificate III, Certificate IV and Diploma of Salon Management plus a range of non-accredited short courses designed to up-skill qualified hairdressers.

Since its inception in 1997, Taylorweir has always striven for excellence. The school prides itself in being the leading hairdressing registered training provider in Western Australia laying claim to training the majority of all hairdressing apprentices in this state than any other registered training organisation (RTO).

Following the retirement of one of the founding partners Carmel Weir, in 2012 Anne Taylor welcomed new partners Michele Scacchia and Liz Maher both of whom boast a wealth of hands-on local and international hairdressing and salon owner experience. As a vibrant directorial team they look forward to the future.
We are always in need of Hair Models at Taylorweir for our students to do their practical work and to be assessed on.
We have brilliant trainers on hand at all times.
We offer all aspects of hairdressing for both ladies and men.
We take appointments from Monday to Thursday at 9am and 1pm
Don't pay big salon prices.
Call Elisha on: 6103 0472