TEMPLE OF THE MUSE - Poster Art Print Galley & Custom Framing. Signed & numbered, screen printed, original hand made Gig Poster, Art Print, Vintage Kitsch & Movie Poster Shangri-La!
Housing an eclectic & distinctive collection celebrating the music & art of bands & artists, seen an heard around the world... TOTM GALLERY proudly also has on permanent display, music posters, flyers & handbills showcasing Perth's own homegrown musicians & long lost live music venues!

TOTM Gallery offers a handcrafted conservation, boutique picture framing shopfront service, which working with clients, caters for unique design, display & preservation. A backroom exhibition gallery space is now on show & available, supporting & promoting local West Australian artists & talent.

312A William Street, Northbridge - Open Wed to Sun - 11 until 7 - For all the latest news, information & happenings hit: & follow TOTM GALLERY on the Facebooks & instagram.