Cordless Glue Gun in Australia

If you intend to get a glue gun, ensure you get the best product for the money. Don’t just get any glue gun; if you buy one, make sure you get the top-of-the-line cordless glue gun. Here are options you can consider, especially if you live in Australia. 

Trifecta Cordless 18V Cordless PDR Glue Gun

An excellent cordless glue gun is a great tool to have in your toolkit. A cordless glue gun can help save you time by allowing you to reach hard-to-reach places you would normally struggle to reach with your hand. It allows you to complete projects more quickly and accurately, increasing productivity. The Trifecta Cordless 18V Cordless PDR Glue Gun is a handheld cordless gun made by Bostitch. The Trifecta 18 Volt glue gun has a convenient quick-connect/disconnect barrel that allows you to change tip sizes quickly and connect or disconnect the barrel without having to disassemble the gun completely.

12 Volt – Anson PDR Glue Gun – Tec 305

The Tec 305 is a 12 volt, 1/3oz. glue gun uses glue sticks and features two pumps that allow you to control the pressure and release speed. The glue stick is made from ceramic, making it more heat-resistant and scratch-resistant. The Tec 305’s high output motor will give you a 1/3oz. glue shot every eight seconds, which is perfect for demanding applications. This glue gun is perfect for a wide variety of applications, ranging from model making to arts and crafts.


In summary, this cordless glue gun in Australia is versatile, easy to use, and creates professional results that are safe for you and your kids. These glue guns are easy to use and are 2.5 times faster than using other fasteners. They’re compact, lightweight, and fit into a backpack. 

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