Can I rent a pop up store from you?
Sorry, OnWilliam does not control any vacant spaces in Northbridge. Currently there are some vacant William Street properties that Metier manage. Please contact them directly.

Posting Help
Please click on the '?' symbols during the posting process for useful information about the section you are completing.

Can you post my details for me?
No, sorry. We are run voluntarily and do not have the administration capabilities to make posts for you. Please sign up of login to post your own listings.

Can I sign up as a Northbridge based business, even if I am not really based in Northbridge?
Yes. By signing up as a Northbridge business you can access extra features such as adding a Business Listing and receiving and posting Business News. If you sign up you will automatically receive Business News emails. Please note if you post a Business Listing or Business News it will not be published unless it specifically relates to the Northbridge area.

Can you help me promote my event or news that's not in Northbridge?
Sorry, OnWilliam is specifically to promote the area that is bounded by Roe, Lord, Bulwer and Fitzgerald Streets. We recommend Creative Crops to promote anything creative in Western Australia.

Can you please promote my event through OnWilliam's Facebook or other social media?
We sure can. All you need to do is submit your Event or News item via and once approved it will also be promoted through our social media channels.