group bookings dinner at Firebird

Group Bookings Dinner at Firebird

Peer into the rear of the room at Firebird, past the 110-plus chairs and across the dark-herringbone-tiled floor. One look at the wood-fired oven, which is started at early morn and continues to heat up throughout the day, reveals what this restaurant truly is: flames, smoke, as well as Vietnamese cuisine. If you are ready to order and book a night out, here is the menu that you have to try at Firebird. 


What it feels like to have a group dinner at Firebird

Firebird is unquestionably a yes. You should absolutely give it a try if you want extremely wonderful Vietnamese food with a twist, as well as a great ambience that feels cool without being ostentatious and super knowledgeable. They also have pleasant and inviting personnel. Even if you’ve been a few times, each one has been just as good as the last.

group bookings dinner at Firebird

You can try group bookings dinner at Firebird  “all in” deal if you’re a group of four or more. You’ll undoubtedly get the best of the menu, served at the appropriate pace, and you’ll leave satisfied but not stuffed and wanting for more. Getting a sample variety of various dishes is a beautiful concept here because it includes the ones you wouldn’t ordinarily choose. There is a lot of food served, and it is very affordable. 



The total cost per person is $68. Their $68pp set menu, however, is only available to groups of 6 or more people (dinner only). For only $80 per person, you can have it all, and $62 per person for a vegan meal (Min 2 people.). If you’re new to Firebird and want more information, you can always ask a kind waiter for help.


Important Reminders: 

Groups of 6 or more are required to eat from our $68 per person all-menu (dinner only). Your safety is their priority, and therefore, while dining, do observe social distancing. A 

A $20PP cancellation fee will be charged for no-shows and late cancellations. Two hours will be allocated to all sittings. 


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