How to make prawn spring rolls

The steps for making prawn spring rolls require the following ingredients:

– 1kg of medium to large raw prawns (or other seafood)

– 5 teaspoons of sugar

– 2 egg whites

– 7 cups of rice noodles/vermicelli noodles (spiral cut) or mowiso vermicelli pasta

– 200g of ground pork or minced chicken/pork

– 50 ml fish sauce, optional, but recommended

– 10 limes or lemon wedges, divided into 6 parts each.

– Kitchen roll for dipping

– Spring roll wraps

The ingredients are measured in cups and grams. The first thing that is done is wash the prawns thoroughly in warm water, remove the shells and make a small x incision near the tail of each prawn to ensure that the flavour of the filling can penetrate fully into them during frying. Next, prepare all other ingredients and place them on a clean worktop.

Then comes prepping. The rice noodles or vermicelli pasta needs to be soaked in warm or hot water for approximately 4 minutes maximum. Do not leave them in any longer because the noodles may get soggy, and the spring rolls will become unmanageable. (The noodles should have the firmness of a soft toothbrush). Then drain all of the water out of them and give them a gentle spin in a salad spinner to remove excess moisture.

Next comes chopping. The pork, chicken or ground pork, chicken, fish sauce and spring roll wraps (if using) are all chopped into small bite sized pieces.

Now it is time to fry the prawns. The ingredients are all measured out onto a chopping board and carefully placed so as not to touch one another. For this recipe you will require 2 eggs white and 2 tsp of butter. It is poured into a frying pan and slowly cooked to a yellow brown colour on both sides. (I used a non-stick pan)

Prawns are then carefully removed from the frying pan and rolled into small balls. Be careful not to break them, as these will be added back into the mix. The remaining batter ingredients are measured out, added into the frying pan and cooked for about 4-5 minutes until a golden brown colour is achieved as shown below.

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