How to Pick a Custom Made Mirror

When selecting a custom made mirror, there are a few tips to ensure the mirror the exactly what you are looking for. Willoughby Glass custom made mirror are perfect to complete a home. Custom made mirrors help the decor to stand out and create an elegant look for any home. These pieces are often crafted from specific custom dimensions, shape requirements and style preferences. Custom mirrors are often used to enhance a space’s beauty and decor. Custom mirrors can be used as a center point for a room. With different options for size and shape, the choices are truly endless. This leave many customers wondering just how to pick a custom made mirror.


The first step when selecting a custom made mirror is to determine your budget. When looking at the variety of options such as size, shape, finish, color and stability, there are many directions to go. The first step is to select how much you would like to spend on the piece. By narrowing your budget to a specific bracket, you can better find the style that suits you best. Custom mirrors are decretive home pieces that are valued for many years, sometime even decades.


The next step when selecting the mirror is to determine the optimal height and width that will best suit the wall it will be hung on. Mirrors are typically used to fill in empty spaces on a wall in places such as the living room or bedroom. Customers should avoid placing an overly sized mirror in a small areas as it can cause the space to look cluttered. Once the height and width of the mirror has been confirmed, the next step is to decide the frame and materials. Some of the most popular frames include wooden, metal, acrylic or fabrics. The choice is up to the customer to select which one suits them best.

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