Installing a Hot Water System

It can be challenging to decide which company to take over to install your new hot water system. You must provide all the necessary information about your home and what type of installation would best suit your needs so that the company clearly understands what will be required from them. With these questions answered, they can give you a more accurate quote as they won’t need to spend time guessing what tools may be required or how much time it will take them. The following factors should be considered when installing your new hot water system.

1. What type of hot water system will you have?

This is the most critical question to ask, as this will affect your price. The type of system you will have will be decided by how much money you want to spend and what size of house you live in. There are many systems, such as the simple floor tank, in-line fireless tank, and the newer overhead vertical radiator tank. Each type of installation has advantages and disadvantages. When you want to install a hot water system, tell them what you want so they can give you the correct quote.

2. What type of piping system will be used?

The piping system is one of the factors that will significantly impact the price of your installation. Copper piping is more expensive than PVC and ABS, the most common pipes used today. However, there are other considerations, such as how long it will take to install and how difficult it is to make up joints.

3. Is a gas piping system required?

The procedure to install a hot water system with gas attached will vary from the process to install a hot water system with gas unattached. If this is an additional service, the plumber must return to your house once more after the hot water installation is complete to install the gas supply. This will incur an additional cost, which needs to be factored into the final price.

4. How much piping work do you want the company to do?

Some companies may insist on doing all the plumbing work, but this may be more expensive in the end as it is likely that they will charge by the hour. On the other hand, if you’re up for doing some of the work yourself, it might save you some cash.

5. Is there anything else you need to be installed?

Sometimes, other work is required, resulting in an extra cost. The company will have to return to your house after the new hot water system has been installed and install a new thermostat, for example. This will result in an additional visit from the technician and may affect the final price.


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