Once Was - Contributors Needed

10 Aug 2015

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OnWilliam are gearing up for our next big neighbourhood event, and we need your help!
Once Was is a history project which delves into the history of William Street, researching what our store fronts were used for in the past. With help from anyone keen to be involved, we hope to recreate several historical shop displays and events during our next street festival.

Did you know that in 1920, what is now Periscope was called Goon Goon Laundry? And Mr Lazell, a herbalist, worked out of the building that now houses Xotica, curing mysterious ailments of the leg?

There is heaps more to the story, can you help us fill in the gaps?

At this stage we need a team to scour old directories, researching the past businesses that existed, and dig up the dirt on them.

You can help right now (or next time you have a spare sec) by jumping into our shared online workspace.

Read some basic info of how to help here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12mHCzg6bVTd0AUWCPP1R9V0OF-5tNXLGtdFNK8yeWKc/edit?usp=sharing

And access all the shared online resources here: