Spooks & Spectres: Tales From Parallel Worlds

11 Dec 2015

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6pm and 8pm
FREE Event - bookings essential
RSVP here: http://pica.org.au/show/spooks-spectres-tales-from-parallel-worlds-rsvp/
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Perth Cultural Centre
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Writer, performer and story-teller extraordinaire Finn O’Branagáin leads visitors on a journey through the exhibition, drawing on its unsettling tales of ghosts, doppelgängers, changelings and missing twins.

Join Finn as she uses symbols and signs gleaned from the exhibition, and the very building it occupies, to call up spirits of stories from another time and place.
This is an art tour for people who have heard things go bump in the night, who listen for echoes in the dark, who look behind paintings on hotel walls for secret messages left behind.