11 Dec 2015

Perth Cultural Centre
4pm - 10pm
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Perth Cultural Centre
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Four sisters working together to design and create a range of sterling silver and beaded jewellery.
An infatuation with the secrets of communities from across the globe was sparked in the girl’s early years by their Aunt Jenifer. She travelled the world far and wide collecting beads. On her visits to Australia she would stay at their Perth home and unveil with pride her newest finds and oldest most sacred treasures. Many of the beads she collected were historical trading beads, and each bead had a story. The sisters would sit and listen in awe and amazement to the tales told by their Aunt – each one a little secret passed on about people and places that felt like worlds away. And each bead, a token - a little memento of the time and place it was from.

The captivating stories told of unfamiliar symbolism, rituals, and adornment are of limitless inspiration to the ZÖKITEE collections - as the girls explore the assumed sacred significance of unfamiliar symbolism.

Find the ZÖKITEE stall at the Summer Night Markets.