Top Three Best Winer In Nagambie

Nagambie is a town in Victoria, and one of the great wineries in Australia. They cater to all sorts of tastes as well as a range of prices – from about $15 for a small bottle to $300 for a magnum! When deciding on the best winery in Nagambie, you need to consider what you’re looking for out of it. If you like big flavours and wines with powerful tastes then Brickworks or Talisman would be your perfect match. There are also some cheaper options like Spring Mountain if you’re on a budget. Below are some of the most popular wineries in Nagambie.





This is the first winery that we would recommend when deciding on the best winer Nagambie. Bourns Estate Winery makes some really interesting wines, that often come at a great price. It is also known for a few things in particular, like the barrel varietals and the chardonnay. All of their wines are great though, so you can’t go wrong either way. Some of their most popular wines include the secateurs chardonnay, piper’s red and secateurs shiraz.



Kimbel is one of the most well-known wineries in Nagambie, and you can often spot it from the town as it looks like a nice little castle! It’s a bit of a smaller operation than some of the others, but they have made lots of great wines over the years and have always been fairly well-received by their customers. It is a good winery to get some decent value for money out of, as some of their wines are in the $20-30 range and they do offer a discount if you buy a bottle or two – but there is no off price on the main one you will buy.





Tropical Vineyards make some really tasty wines, and they also make some of the cheapest ones in Nagambie – like the bushman white. It is very easy to recommend this winery as they are one of the greats in town! Some of their most popular wines include the cherished red, regent block shiraz and regent chardonnay.



Those are some of the best wineries in Nagambie. It’s definitely worth a trip out to Victoria, especially if you fancy going wine tasting and want to visit some wineries! Visit us at

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