What Is A Skip Bin?

Skip bins are large open containers made of metal that are normally used at renovation or construction sites to collect garbage and waste materials. These bins are called skip bins in Australia whereas in Canada and the US they are known as dumpsters. These bins are collected for disposal at a disposal point and replaced with an empty bin once it is filled with garbage and waste materials. At the disposal point, the materials collected are segregated to separate recyclable materials and proper disposal of the rest of the garbage.


Reasons to hire skip bins


In Australia, you should hire skip bins for different reasons including on-time and cost-effective disposal of garbage and waste materials. By hiring skip bins you can easily dispose of garbage. Moreover, most of the skip bin rentals allow you to use their services flexibly by extending the period of hiring bins without any penalties or additional charges.


Different sizes of skip bins


For different types of waste disposal projects, you can use skip bins of different sizes. You must understand that skip bin of which size will be the most suitable for your disposal project while hiring it.


Usually, skip bins are used in three sizes to collect garbage and waste materials including jumbo, middle, and mini.


Jumbo size skip bins: These skip bins normally available with different capacities including 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 cubic meters. They are generally used on industrial as well as large projects like commodity relocation or demolition etc. Usually, people hire them during the clearance of office or home in which they have to deal with a lot of waste things including timbers, wood, furniture, household items, and garden waste, etc.


Middle size skip bins: The capacity of these bins can range from 4 to 6 cubic meters. They are normally used to collect a lot of commercial and industrial waste materials like saw shaving, metal remains, timbers, computer wastes, garden wastes, plastic, and wood, etc.


Mini size skip bins: The capacity of these skip bins of the smallest size is 2-3 cubic meters. They are normally used to collect garbage and waste materials from smaller projects like cleaning the garden and cleaning the household etc. Most often they are used to collect waste materials from residential areas on weekly basis. They can also be used for collecting weeds, rolls, furniture items, and plaster, etc.

Thus, for construction, renovation, or cleanup project it is important to hire skip bins for quick and in time proper disposal of waste materials and garbage collected in them. Make an enquiry at adelaideskipbinhire.com.au



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